Working from Cornwall, freelancing remotely and in design studios, I believe in “ideas first” design that challenges the norms to create work that stands out. Standing out from the crowd is easy, the trick is staying true to the brand in the process. Authenticity resonates.

I’ve created brands from scratch, refreshed brands who’ve lost their way, and built on well established brands with fresh ideas and new directions.

My work ranges from startups to big global brands and the process is always the same:
︎  Get to know the brand
︎  Define its purpose
︎  Create ownable designs





All of the texture, taste and expertise of a freshly mixed cocktail, in a can. We developed a flexible illustration style, born of the edges and contours of the Funkin logo. This allows us to create a simple illustration for each and every cocktail in the range. The ecclectic nature of the graphics, combined with the vibrant colour palette, captured the cocktail drinking experience for Funkin.

Client ︎ Funkin ︎ Designer ︎ Ash Killen ︎ Design Director ︎ Melissa Ryall ︎ Creative Director ︎ Della Lawrence ©JKRGlobal